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Every three years, all Michigan physicians must renew their license and certify compliance with state continuing medical education laws. Every year approximately one-third of Michigan’s physicians are required to renew. The Licensure and CME calendar year runs February 1 to January 31. Each physician is required to complete 150 credits of CME in which a minimum of 75 hours of the required 150 must be earned in Category 1 activities.

Along with the 150 hours of continuing education credits (CME) required to renew, physicians must also have a minimum of 1 hour of continuing education in the area of medical ethics and 3 hours of pain and symptom management. Physicians must also complete a one-time human trafficking requirement.

For physicians whose license expires January 31, 2020, this must be completed this year.

Physicians who have not met the 150 requirement are strongly urged to not renew until all credits have been achieved. Doing so is a violation of the Michigan Public Health Code and is subject to license sanctions.

Physicians can take advantage of the 60-day grace period to complete the missing credits. Online renewal must be completed within the 60-day grace period, along with the $20 late fee payment in addition to the renewal fee.

Physicians whose licenses have been expired for more than 60 days must apply for relicensure.

The Board of Medicine has updated the previous six Categories of Credit into two categories. As before, each medical doctor is required to complete 150 hours of continuing medical education approved by the Board of Medicine, which a minimum of 75 hours of the required 150 must be earned in Category 1 activities, and 5 in the before mentioned areas of medical ethics (1), pain management (3) and human trafficking (1). The following is a breakdown of the two Categories for licensure:

Category 1

  • Activities with accredited sponsorship - Maximum 150 hours
  • Passing specialty board certification or recertification - Maximum 50 hours
  • Successfully completing MOC that does not meet requirements of (A) or (B) above. - Maximum 30 hours
  • Participation in a board approved training program - Maximum 150 hours

Category 2

  • Clinical instructor for medical students engaged in postgraduate training program - Maximum 48 hours
  • Initial presentation of scientific exhibit, poster or paper - Maximum 24 hours
  • Publication of scientific article in a peer-reviewed journal - Maximum 24 hours
  • Initial publication of a chapter or portion of a chapter in a professional health care textbook or peer-review textbook - Maximum 24 hours
  • Participation in any of the following as it relates to the practice of medicine: - Peer review committee dealing with quality of patient care or a Committee dealing with utilization review or a health care organization committee dealing with patient care issues or a national or state committee, board, council or association- Maximum 18 hours
  • Until December 6, 2019, attendance at an activity that was approved by the Board of Medicine prior to December 6, 2016 - Maximum 36 hours
  • Independently reading a peer-reviewed journal prior to December 6, 2016, that doesn't satisfy the requirements of Category 1, subdivision (A) - Maximum 18 hours
  • Prior to December 6, 2016, completing a multi-media self-assessment program that doesn't satisfy the requirements of Category 1, subdivision (A) - Maximum 18 hours

Additional Resources

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If you are audited and need clarification of the requirements, please contact MTS or an experienced health care attorney, prior to communicating with LARA or the Board of Medicine.


The Health Can’t Wait coalition, a growing and exciting partnership of patients, health care providers, and patient advocacy associations is dedicated to putting Michigan patients first and ending delays in patients’ access to health care.

On January 30, the Senate Health Policy Committee will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 612, the legislation addressing prior authorization and step therapy.

Health can’t wait. It’s a reality that we physicians understand and our patients experience.

Tragically, insurance company bureaucracy too often stands between patients and the medicine, treatment, or testing we believe they need. Prior authorization, step therapy, and fail first requirements hamstring treatment, drive up prescription nonadherence and lead to diminished health.

According to the most recent data:

  • Prior authorization red tape is part of a staggering 92 percent of all care delays.
  • 73 percent of Michigan physicians report that prior authorization requirements force their patients to wait at least 1 business day before getting the treatment they need and 38 percent of Michigan physicians report that prior authorization red tape forces patients to wait 3 or more days before getting the medicine or treatment they need.
  • 94 percent of Michigan physicians report that prior authorization red tape causes delays in care for their patients.
  • 97.5 percent of all first-time prior authorization requests are eventually approved. In other words, insurers are delaying patients’ access to care for essentially no reason.

Health Can’t Wait was created to defend our patients against these costly, onerous, and dangerous payer practices. The initiative is bringing together the state’s leading physician and health care organizations to speak with a single, clear voice and tell policymakers it’s time to put Michigan patients first.

If you have patients that have experienced health care delays or denials because of the reckless use of prior authorization or step therapy, we hope you’ll encourage them to visit the website and share their story. Your patients’ experiences matter most, and they may make all the difference in the fight for reform.

You can learn more about the coalition and about ways you can personally get involved by visiting the coalition online at HealthCantWait.org.

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